As you may be able to see, Popjustice has a new look! It's now less shit than it was, but still just shit enough to be endearing. It's a fine line.

What's changed? Well we've changed the shade of pink we use from #dd1177 to #ff0080, which is very important. Also we've got rid of some clutter, created a new Playlists section and added a few more bits and bobs that you might find if you have a poke around. The Popjustice Forum has been given a new look too, so that's nice.

We've also come crashing into 2011 with a respons­ive layout which should look better on mobile phones. Tablet users might find it all a bit odd but we'll sort that out 'as and when'. To be honest the whole respons­ive thing has been a nightmare so do get in touch if it looks wonky on the device you're using.

Now we've finished dicking around with the site itself, we can con­cen­trate on creating some great #content.

If you like, you can send us an email about the new site. Tell us three things you like about it, and three things you'd like more of. Chuck an email at [email protected].

Or just vote below.