In this week's new releases, or at least the ones that have popped up on Spotify:

  • The Weeknd's album is out today, and the whole thing's really rather listen­able but we've picked 'Secrets' to top today's playlist. 'Ordinary Life' — that's another good one. Well done The Weeknd.
  • Robin Schulz, David Guetta and Cheat Codes are the week's least appealing col­lab­or­a­tion but have delivered the week's most joyous new tune, and that's an important lesson isn't it, about looking beyond your pre­con­cep­tions. Food for thought there ladies and gentlemen.
  • Firefox AK is back! There's a whole new EP (WHICH IS GREAT) and if you didn't hear 'Boom Boom Boom' off her last album please take a moment to give it a spin now because half a decade later it remains a tune of rare and almost ter­ri­fy­ing amaz­ing­ness.
  • Calum Scott's new single might be fairly listen­able in an Olly Murs album track kind of way but if he thinks it makes up for the atrocity he foisted on the world earlier this year he's got another thing coming.
  • Kylie's Christmas album repack is out today. It's more of the same, so good news if you enjoyed the first version. There's a version of 'Stay Another Day' with a choir, which is nothing more or less than pleasant.

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