We've done a load of new Popjustice t-shirts and they are now for sale. There are slogans and designs that are at once amusing, inspir­a­tional and deeply stylish, much like fashion icon Niall Horan.




  • Re Christmas shipping etc: our 't-shirt partners' tell us orders placed before December 14 will be fine for UK, while orders for the rest of Europe will probably need to be placed today "but in practice it should be fine a little bit later than that". Basically, get on with it.
  • There is a slightly confusing moment when you are ordering and it shows you the price in $ but don't panic.
  • There is info about shipping and billing and that sort of thing here.
  • If there are colours or designs and things you would like to see, or any other questions or comments you have about the shirts, just get in touch at [email protected].