Eyes down, look in:

» The new UK Number One is 'Fireflies' by Owl City. Example's 'Won't Go Quietly' is the highest new entry at Number 6. (Radio 1)

» Cheryl Cole has a mouth. (The Mirror)

» Ryan Tedder says that Leona Lewis not actually promoting her single in America might have had a small impact on the fact that 'Happy' didn't exactly do very well chartwise. He adds that unless you're someone like Beyonce you have to be in the country to promote your music. Reading between the lines here we suspect this might be his way of saying that if labels aren't going to actually promote singles, he'll just save his best songs for Beyonce and mid-ranking acts like Leona can 'whistle for it'. (Digital Spy)

» Keep your eye out for a new music format — MusicDNA. It's like an MP3 except it's got all sorts of other stuff in it. There will be blogs and artwork and that sort of thing, ie it won't neces­sar­ily save the music industry as is claimed, but will certainly help all the indus­tries that spe­cial­ise in creating shit 'content' then flogging it to the music industry at vast profit. Warning: this format sounds shit. (The Guardian)

» There was a minor fiasco at a French music awards when Black Eyed Peas were announced as winners for an award that the woeful Tokio Hotel had actually won. (BBC News)

» Radiohead's Ed O'Brien has been talking about the music industry again. This time his main point is that people are too concerned about money, and people should just be more creative like they were in the good old days. It would be inter­est­ing to see how he expects his proposed happy-clappy cre­at­ively driven utopia to sit alongside his sug­ges­tion last week that music should be cheaper. Perhaps in Radiohead's Ed O'Brien's world all music should be free and things like videos should be paid for with magic beans and painted twigs. (BBC News)

» A JLS support act has been getting himself in the press by saying something or other about JLS. (Daily Star Playlist)

» The nephew of East 17 songster Tony Mortimer had fish fingers for breakfast this morning. (Twitter)

» The Hope For Haiti charity telethon show thing raised £35m. (BBC News)

» In other Haiti news, some famous musican types, and The Magic Numbers, have donated unwanted items to an auction organised by Emily Eavis. (Radio 1 Newsbeat)

That's your lot. Except to say…

» Haggis may be making a tri­umphant return to US stores, having been banned since 1989. (The Independent)