GOOD NEWS! Q1 is the new Q4. Rihanna released a new single overnight! It's called 'FourFiveSeconds' and it's on iTunes now!!!!!!

BAD NEWS: It's not on iTunes in the UK. Maybe it will turn up later.


BAD NEWS! It sounds like Track 9 on a Pink album.

GOOD NEWS! It's got Kanye West and Paul McCartney on it. Collaborating with not one but TWO true music legends is a real coup for Macca.

BAD NEWS! Well, it's got Kanye West and Paul McCartney on it. If there's one popstar on the planet who doesn't need a multi-act pileup in order to make an impact, it's Rihanna. Also, Paul and Kanye have been working together anyway so it feels like Rihanna's just fitting in with what other people are already doing. Which is not how Rihanna should operate.


BAD NEWS! It's got acoustic guitar on it.

GOOD NEWS! At least it doesn't have a fucking ukulele on it.

BAD NEWS! You're not exactly going to be dancing to this one.

GOOD NEWS! The chorus melody is really good.

GOOD NEWS! It might just be for Kanye and Paul's album, ie it might not be a proper Rihanna single.

BAD NEWS! Rihanna's referring to it as "my new music".

GOOD NEWS! It does get a lot better after a few plays. It's basically 'a nice little tune'.

BAD NEWS! The sense that 'FourFiveSeconds' is getting better with repeated listens might be influ­enced by the fact that one wants it to be getting better. Still, what's life without hope? For the time being let's just file this one under 'nice little tune' and leave it there.

GOOD NEWS! There's a video coming soon! If it's got Macca getting shitfaced and raving in an Irish field then we're all for it.

BAD NEWS! The video is unlikely to feature Macca getting shitfaced and raving in an Irish field.

GOOD NEWS! The new Rihanna album's def­in­itely on the way then. Also, you know how Rihanna doesn't like to be second guessed — so there's every chance that the sonic direction of this song is a delib­er­ate red herring and that the first proper single from 'R8' will be an all-guns-blazing banger of Biblical pro­por­tions.