There are a number of great all-girl pop acts to be launched in 2011 but one we didn't know about until a few days ago is Stooshe.

They're a south east London trio and the track they sent over is called 'Fuck Me'. Yeah, we know, but it's really good. And there is a polite version called 'Love Me'.

Rough around the edges doesn't even begin to describe it — and do your best to ignore the rap which is awful whichever way you look at it — but there's a rare energy in this video and the girls' per­son­al­it­ies really leap out of the screen.

'Fuck Me':

[youtube]SAUkuUWHUn8[/youtube] 'Love Me': [youtube]g14I5N-PhyA[/youtube] What do you think? Actually here's what you think.

1. "This is sort of brilliant in a '2005-era Mutya Buena puts together a girlband' kind of way."

2. "They should get signed by a major label because this could be even more brilliant with a load of cash thrown at it."

"Having said that I hope they don't get signed by a major because that will probably end up knocking all the good bits out of it and the whole thing will end up being a pale imitation of what's in this video."

"Hearing some more songs would be good."

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