Anton EwaldWe talk a lot on Popjustice about how we like pop that takes you by surprise. Pop that shocks, innovates, breaks new ground and does all that so impress­ively that it inspires the next wave of pop.

We also talk about how we want and need our pop to be made by vis­ion­ar­ies whose instinct­ive grasp of what makes pop great is matched only by their incred­ible talent for promoting it and bringing it to life in new and fant­ast­ical ways.

This is all very well, but sometimes — maybe around eight to ten times day — what you want is generic pop sung by an idiot.

Brace yourself for 'Begging' by Anton Ewald, as performed at the second semi-final of this year's Melodifestivalen thing in Sweden.

'Generic' is a word we see thrown around a lot these days. We're not sure it's quite as bad as everyone else seems to think it is. Certainly you have to question the appeal of making music that gradually creeps further and further towards the middle of the road, jet­tis­on­ing charm or excite­ment along the way. But generic-as-an-insult doesn't quite work when the main criticism you can throw at something is "this amazing song sounds too much like a number of amazing singles by Calvin Harris, Usher and Taio Cruz".

As for the 'idiot' part of the equation… Well, the jury's out, but that dance routine isn't doing him any favours.