Calvin Klein

The concept of 'selling out' — that slightly tedious old notion that recording artists should only ever make money from selling music — hasn't really applied to pop for well over a decade. Or at least since artists stopped, er, making money from selling music. But if anything's likely to push the issue it's sitting around in your pants for cash when you're already a generally-lusted-after artist keen to stress his musi­cianly cre­den­tials.

Hats and almost everything else off, then, to Shawn Mendes, who in this new Calvin Klein shot makes a rather sweet attempt to divert attention from his underwear by casually resting a keyboard and guitar against the wall. "I might be in my pants," the photo's com­pos­i­tion seems to say, "but I know how chords work, and that's the really important thing here." Let's all just agree to ignore the elephant in the room.