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THURSDAY, 28TH MAY at Monto @ 229
House of Love.  Stay Another Day.  Deep.  Alright.  Thunder.  Steam.  Let It Rain.
 The songs need no intro­duc­tion, East 17’s legacy remains and now the song­writer respons­ible for those unmis­tak­able classics is preparing for an up close & personal fully live show at London’s Monto @ 229 club on Thursday 28th May. 
In what will be an extremely intimate and exclusive gig, Tony will be playing a number of the favourite East 17 hits alongside some new solo material & a few surprises as well.  This time, he’s doing it his way…
“There are so many songs being re-played that had massive chart success in the early nineties.  To me, it would be a terrible shame for all those who were the teens of this era if my songs weren't part of this moment in time.  My songs were — thank God — some of the most influ­en­tial and biggest selling songs from the nineties.   They have been used on different adverts over the years and played repeatedly, espe­cially around Christmas time, almost refusing to go away, which is so humbling. 
I have a strong desire to perform the songs in an intimate envir­on­ment and give people the chance to hear them again in a 100% live atmo­sphere.  I have always wanted to play them in an organic way and in some cases, break the songs down to the bare skeleton acoustics.  It's very easy to hide behind a massive show with a wall of sound full of expensive, though sometimes irrel­ev­ant tricks, but that proves nothing.   As everyone in the music industry knows, to perform intim­ately in a close envir­on­ment is one of the more, if not the most, demanding ways to perform and I am relishing the challenge of getting back out there and on stage in these more personal cir­cum­stances.  Any profits that are made will be donated to Breast Cancer Research”.
Tony Mortimer, March 2009
Sure to be an exciting and euphoric evening, you won’t want to miss Tony’s welcome return!
For your chance to buy tickets in advance, register at: .   Ticket price: £8.
Further inform­a­tion and updates to follow shortly!
For further inform­a­tion and ticket requests please contact: [email protected]

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