We've just put up YYZ's extraordin­ary, slightly unhinged new single 'Lost In The Mix' as a Big Song.

We hadn't really noticed them before 'Lost In The Mix' came along but they're quite new, and let us tell you this ladies and gentlemen, it turns out that YYZ are EXTREMELY good.

The trio have sort of been on Popjustice before, although not together.

DJ person Ed Wilder was behind a highly listen­able vigilante remix of Nicola Roberts' 'Beat Of My Drum', which we featured as a Song Of The Day. Two years before that, as part of a band called Ghostcat, singer Ali and key­board­ist Dan scored another Song Of The Day with a song called 'This Is A Bust'.

As well as 'Lost In The Mix' there are three more songs off their SoundCloud — 'Hit & Run' is probably the best of the lot.

As well as some good music — almost as import­antly — they've got a really good logo.

yyz logo

So there you are. A good new pop act to be inter­ested in.

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