Nick Jonas performed a brand new song last night and it might be about to knock 'Jealous (Tinashe remix)' into a cocked hat.

The first per­form­ance of 'Under You' took place at a thing called the iHeartMedia Music Summit — and in a very real sense, don't we all heart media? It's almost as good as #content — which is an event for people who work in radio etc. It's the same event Kanye turned up at in January but obviously this new Nick Jonas tune is about twelve times more momentous.

BEHOLD (fifteen seconds of) AMAZINGNESS:

Things This Song Will Need

1. A Tinashe remix, the second in two years, thus estab­lish­ing Nick Jonas and Tinashe as the next Pitbull and J.Lo.
2. The deploy­ment of "Nick J, Tinashe, it's another remix".
3. Swearing in the remix.
4. A video that isn't shit.
5. That's it.