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MNEK — Popstar

USA32 Whitney Houston — 'The Star-Spangled Banner'

Whitney Houston's voice was a staple in my household, so her vocal on 'Star-Spangled Banner' is obviously a fave. From the wig to the hairband to the shell suit to the arrange­ment to the minuscule amount of time it took for her to have all that sweat glisten­ing from her face by the end of song, this also set a benchmark for females and males alike SANGING the national anthem. Taking it to church. Can't do that with 'God Save The Queen'.”

Germany32 Karin Schmidt — 'Deutschlandlied'

This lady has got a massive gob. You can travel the world in that thing. Not too far removed from Claire from Steps' gob. Big gobs tend to scare me. It reminds me of that lady on X Factor about 6 years ago. What was her name? Anyway, the point is that I didn't enjoy this. They shoulda got Kim Burrell to do this. Or trans­por­ted Mariah from 1994 and got her to do this. Cilla Black could have slayed it too."

MNEK's full time score:

USA 1 — Germany 0


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