The thing about CHVRCHES, right, is that they don't always imme­di­ately come to mind when someone asks you who makes the best pop music, but real­ist­ic­ally they've got to be within at least the first twenty rows on the spread­sheet. Surely.

Their really-quite-CHVRCHES-sounding new single premiered as Annie Mac's Hottest Record last night (if you're keeping track of who's winning the ongoing First Play Wars, Zane Lowe's World Record was the new Pale Waves one), and 'the caller on line one' was Lauren 'Lozza' Mayberry.

She said some things about the forth­com­ing CHVRCHES album and about how after spending six months writing it they decided to work on the majority of the record with Greg Kurstin, "who you guys maybe know from the Foo Fighters or Adele". (We guys also know Greg from Lily Allen, Kylie, Sia, DAME KELLY CLARKSON, Marina & The Diamonds, Tegan & Sara, Ellie Goulding and Halsey, but yes, it's Adele and """The Foos""" if that makes people feel better.)

"It was good to be pushed and to take risks," Lauren told Annie, adding that the band found them­selves "plugging into his Jedi pup­pet­mas­ter mind".

There is, Lauren went on to note, a sense of dir­ect­ness and honesty about how the songs sound. "If it's going to be more pop," she said, and this really is a very good quote, "it should be aggress­ively pop. There's no point in us doing things in half measures."

She also said something about "live drums and more live instru­ments" but let's gloss over that.

Welcome back CHVRCHES, pop has been bearable but very wrong without you.