We had a big post planned for this. A big explan­a­tion of why how and why the Popjustice Pop Entity Of 2014 was so amazing, going into all the various different aspects of their amaz­ing­ness, pulling it all apart then putting it all back together again.

We knew that our Pop Entity Of 2014 would seem, to some, like a strange choice, and we knew that the Pop Entity we'd chosen had been less prolific — and less suc­cess­ful — in 2014 than artists who'd arguably conquered the year. But we also knew we could explain exactly what was so great about not just the Pop Entity itself, but what it rep­res­en­ted and why it was important.

Unfortunately, and there's no easy way to say this, we got really pissed this afternoon and can barely string a sentence together, so we'll just say the name and leave it there. In a way it works as well with no explan­a­tion as it would have done with a 1200-word one, so not to worry.


The 2014 Popjustice Pop Entity Of The Year is…

Troye Sivan.