Britney Spears, the singer, has formally announced her new album! It's called 'Glory', it's out in a matter of weeks, and it comes with the worst album artwork of Britney's career which, we think you'll agree, is fairly impress­ive.

Still, there's nothing a little bit o' Photoshop magic can't fix. Here's how you can give 'Glory' the artwork its music surely deserves, in ten easy steps.

This tutorial is intended for exper­i­enced Photoshop users. 

Step 1: Remove the title


Our first step frees up some important space at the top of the image, and allows Britney's mag­ni­fi­cent spam some time in the spotlight.

Step 2: Remove Britney's name


Two points here: firstly, Britney's face is pretty famous, so we don't need to know that this is an album by Britney Spears. Hers is a face that says, if nothing else: "I am Britney Spears." Often with its mouth. So the artist name is redundant here. And secondly: removing her name also elim­in­ates any trace of that terrible font.

Step 3: Dick around a bit with the exposure


Dicking around with the exposure imme­di­ately makes this image look a bit like something from the 'I'm A Slave 4 U' video, so we're on the right tracks.

Step 4: Desaturate the image


Why are we doing this? To make it look more authentic.

Step 5: Add a filter


Any filter will do. We've gone for one that makes it all look a bit purple. Is this a tribute to Prince? No. But at the same time: not no.

Step 6: Flip it 180


Running out of ideas now.

Step 7: Try rotating it another 90°


This looks shit.

Step 8: Let's try it the right way up again


Still shit.

Step 9: Actually was upside down actually alright?



Step 10: Chuck it in the bin


In summary

Maybe this is just a sort of holding packshot and the real one's coming soon. Mind you they said that about Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' and look how that turned out.