We'll go into more detail about Cady Groves and the song in due course, but this RCA-signed warbler of popular tune is one of our favourite new pop people and we thought you would probably like an early heads up that 'Forget You' has just appeared on iTunes UK, and will shortly appear on iTunes US and probably most other iTunes stores too.

This is the iTunes link you are all gagging for. 

We've just paid 99p for it, which seems a reas­on­able sum seeing as the song is REALLY AMAZING.

You can follow Cady on Twitter too, if you like. She's 'good value'.


If you'd like to hear 'Forget You' before you make the effort of clicking over to iTunes — and we know iTunes can sometimes feel like it takes too long to open a page — here is 'Forget You' as a YouTube'.

Which do you think is best out of Cady's "YOU-OOOH-OOOH" and Union J's "YOOOO-OOOU"? Or does there not have to be a best? Do we, as modern citizens of the pop cosmos, now live in an era where it is possible for  "YOU-OOOH-OOOH" and "YOOOO-OOOU" to exist side by side?