Song of the week:
Sigrid — 'Strangers' 
If you're judging it only on this year's run of songs, of which BloodPop®-esque techpop corker 'Strangers' is the fifth, Sigrid's probably 2017's best new popstar. This week she's also released a Leonard Cohen cover (!) as a pivotal part of the Justice League soundtrack, which isn't the sort of showcase moment that exactly lands in the lap of every hasn't-actually-had-a-hit-yet new artist, so we think it's fair to say Sigrid's team are upping the ante as 2018 comes into view.

Wrong of the week:
Timeflies — 'Semi-Charmed'
This is a semi-cover of Third Eye Blind's 'Semi-Charmed Life', a song that in 2017 is only remembered with any fondness at all by two members of Busted.

Additional notes:

  • There's a barrage of new Sia material this week, and there are some quality control issues. This involves a pretty good song from her Christmas album (but she's still holding back the best ones for some reason — 'Snowflake' in par­tic­u­lar is a real moment), but it also involves a sub-par song that's ended up with Dannii Minogue, and another under­whelm­ing appearing on a TQX single.
  • There are also three songs out today (none of which are on our playlist, apols) involving Ed Sheeran — a remix of one of his own songs, a song on the Taylor Swift album, and an under­whelm­ing Fuse ODG track.
  • Oh and Nick Littlemore's been busy too — Empire Of The Sun and Pnau both have new music out today. The Empire Of The Sun song's pretty spec­tac­u­lar, but the Pnau album's worth a listen too and includes a good track with Vera Blue.
  • We've included an Adam French song called 'The Rat' on this week's playlist. It's shit, but the first two seconds sound like it's going to be 'No Scrubs' which is quite funny.
  • Taylor Swift's new album is out today but Taylor and her team want to make as much money as they can from it so sadly you can't hear it on any streaming services.

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