Song of the week:
Felix Jaehn, Hight and Alex Aiono — 'Hot2Touch'
Sometimes — and on some days in par­tic­u­lar — pop needs a man OR A WOMAN IT'S 2017 FOR CHRIST'S SAKE with a big stupid pop song. 'Hot2Touch' doesn't feel like it's doing much for the first 45 seconds but this song's chorus could start a conga in a morgue. (Danny L Harle would have been Song Of The Week but he released '1UL' on Wednesday, thus con­tra­ven­ing the most basic law of New Music Friday.)

Wrong of the week:
Harry Styles
Lots of thoughts about all this, maybe we'll get them in order next week. For the time being our New Music Friday playlist includes 'Ever Since New York', which is our favourite song on the album.

Additional notes:

  • The Miley single is a definite grower but the weird thing about it is that while she's Gone Authentic she's also made what is, if you switched a few instru­ments and noises around, basically a dance record.
  • JIM is from Norway, he's 24, and this week he's essen­tially turned in the one song on every Little Mix album that everyone says should be a single. His other song on Spotters is really good too and we're actually quite excited to hear what he does next. More jimfo here; on the basis of what's out there (including his old band) you can sort of imagine him becoming 2018's go-to popmaker.
  • We Respect And Admire Calvin Harris For What He Is Doing.
  • Kacy Hill's really started to make good on all that noise a couple of years ago and Mabel isn't as boring as she was a year ago, so well done everyone.

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