The Song Of The Week is 7 Rings by Ariana Grande.

This we're dealing with here is almost certainly what a 2019 Destiny's Child single would sound like, both in the sound and in the sense that there are well-struc­tured hooks covering the same shopping and house pur­chas­ing as Independent Women, Pt 1. The song throws in The Sound Of Music, some wigs and some light bondage for good measure, while fans of The Narrative will be pleased to hear there's a bit of that ("been through some bad shit") too.

Additional notes:

  • Lilly Ahlberg, whose Needing You was one of last year's best singles, has stuck gold again with Body To Body. Well done Lily Ahlberg!
  • Mabel's done her new single with Kamille and Steve Mac. It's about not wanting to be called — for instance, on a Telephone — when you're in the club, and it sounds like an Anne-Marie single. As with the new Sigrid single that came out yesterday, it might well be just what Mabel needs at this point. (The "I'm over you and I don't need your lies no more" part is 10/10.)
  • Ed Sheeran has co-written the new Bryan Adams single.