Yesterday Demi Lovato announced that her new single ‘Cool For The Summer’ will be out on July 1.

We asked her label if they could chuck over a stream but that is not permitted until next week although we bet Idolator have heard it. Anyway the label did even­tu­ally agree to provide one word answers to ten questions about the song.

If you think we’re getting too excited about a Demi Lovato song, just remember this.


And here’s what we found out about ‘Cool For The Summer’.

1. From the options BANGER, MID-TEMPO and BALLAD, what are we looking at here?


2. If ‘BANGER’, is it EDM?


3. If EDM, does it have a proper chorus or just some boshing bangs and whizzes?


4. Does it fade, or end with a bang?


5. Does it start the way it finishes, or does it change somewhere in the song?


6. Is it lyrically happy or lyrically sad?


7. Will everyone be adding it to their Top 20 Max Martin Songs Ever playlists?


8. What is the best non-title word in the chorus?


9. Bearing in mind the word ’summer’ is in the title, will it be out in the UK several months after it’s out in the US?


10. Does it lend itself to a dance routine?


So there you have it. If anyone ever tries to tell you that invest­ig­at­ive journ­al­ism is dead in the UK you just point them at this here page.