We first heard 'Love Me Like You' in May. We have lived with it going round and round in our heads for four months. Our love for this song is absolute.

FACT: It's amazing. Very amazing. Worthy-successor-to-'Black-Magic'-level amazing.

FACT: Like ‘Black Magic’, this is a full-throttle Actual Pop triumph. Big melodies, big voices, loads of sparky song­writ­ing tricks and flour­ishes. The pro­duc­tion com­ple­ments the song, rather than vice versa.

FACT: If you're going to homage a big girlband moment of 'yes­teryear' you might as well go for a big one, and Little Mix have gone for one of the Top 3 girlband moments of all time.

FACT: You might start listening and initially think: "Hold on. This is a bit of a change in direction, this song is a banger in one sense but it doesn't bang quite as hard as eg 'Black Magic', what's going on, I don't even know who I am any more, up is down and left is right." By about the 0:25 mark you'll be thinking: "Well this is certainly a more daring move than just knocking out something that sounds like DJ Mustard shat it out in the bath which is what passes for a lot of big pop these days." And then at precisely the 0:51 mark all doubt goes out of the window and you just surrender to the song's almighty amaz­ing­ness.

FACT: When we spoke to Little Mix about the song earlier this year they said that the original lyrics were a little bit 'outré' (they didn't use the word outré) and when they said that we didn't really know what they meant, but listening to the opening line "he might got the biggest car" we can't help but wonder now if it was ori­gin­ally about a large cock.

FACT: Thinking about it, and you'll have to excuse our language here readers, this song could quite easily have ori­gin­ally been called 'Fuck Me Like You'. The song is, at its heart, about the fact that while romance is all very well, sometimes only A Bit Of Sex will hit the spot.

FACT: The "they try to romance me but you've got that nasty and that's what I want" bit is the best bit.

FACT: Also the "that's what I want" backing vocal bit is the best bit.

FACT: The "sha-la-lala" part with the "whoah-oah-oh-oh" response are also the best bit.

FACT: The chorus is the best bit.

FACT: The "L-O-V-E, love the way you give it to me" bit is middle eight GOLD, and is also the best bit.

FACT: All in all, a complete triumph. Well done everyone.