As heights-averse readers will be well aware, the current Bastille album has some proper shit-yourself artwork which features two fellas perched on an extremely high up, slightly-too-small ledge.

It is not a fun image to look at.

That said, here it is.


Jesus Christ.

Anyway they've done some fly­po­sters to let people know the album's out and available to stream and purchase in a variety of formats.

Here are some of the posters in Soho, which is the area people used to have fun in before someone invented east London.


Let's have a closer look.


A nice 3x2 block of fly­po­sters: a pleas­ingly-pro­por­tioned display, of course, and we like the way it looks like Lady Gaga is about to jump into Bastille's advert­ising, but nothing too exciting.

Except: hang on. What's this on the pavement?





Dan out of Bastille: if you're reading this, you seem like a reas­on­able man but why would you sign off on this irre­spons­ibly ter­ri­fy­ing piece of 'ambient advert­ising'? Look at the state of that. Again: NO.