We haven't quite figured out exactly what's going on in it yet but Lady Gaga's 'You & I' video, which has appeared online this evening a few days ahead of its intended debut, has exceeded expect­a­tions almost as much as the 'Edge Of Glory' video failed to meet them, and makes us just as happy as 'The Edge Of Glory' made us sad.

The best bit? Running across the screen at 5:15. But there are lots of good bits. LOTS of good bits. Almost two videos' worth of good bits. She looks hot as a woman, hot as a man, hot as a fish. She's even found a way to pull off a full-on dance routine to a ballad*.

It's nice when she's on top of things, isn't it. It's a bit like when you walk along the Thames and the tide is in and it feels like London is safe.