Invader Girl is a brilliant pop thing.

Earlier this year she chucked out a great song called 'Starting Fires' (which was accom­pan­ied by a very excellent MSMR remix).

But the past is the past. "Yesterday is history," as Justin Timberlake once put it. We all move on and so does Invader Girl.

Below is your first look at her next track 'Stuck On Me', which is a teaser in the very literal sense in that it cuts out just before the song 'goes off', but you can hear enough song to know that what we're dealing with here is a very inter­est­ing tune.

Very good.

In case you missed it when it came out, this is the brilliant 'Starting Fires'.

The full version of 'Stuck On Me' will probably turn up on another website in due course so your best bet is to follow Invader Girl on Twitter and she will let you know not only when but also where the song appears.