1. Icona Pop (pictured)
You know, what with all that sofly-softly taste­m­akey stuff and the angular artwork and the songs that sort of felt a bit like they were holding them­selves back and everything for a long time we had these two down as sort of Nike & The Dove-esque purveyors of pop music for people who don't like pop music. Then we a) met them properly and it turned out they were funny and smiley and basically pop girls at heart, and b) heard all the big pop tunes they'd been holding back in case they scared off the cred brigade. And then we fell in love.
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2. The Saturdays
Their album is good.
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3. WooWoos
Quite possibly your next favourite girlband. We probably said that about Girls Can't Catch at one point but anyway, more on this lot later today.

4. Ask Embla

After making 'Father's Eyes' Song Of The Day last week we braved the Hard Rock Cafe to see this duo's first ever gig. It was not exactly the best venue for Ina and Arnthor's softly visceral mel­an­cholic synthpop but the duo's ability to tell one end of a pop tune from the other (they've written quite a few between them over the years) came to life bril­liantly.
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5. The Sound Of Arrows
We may have (we have) mentioned this already but their debut album is a thing of total wonder.
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666. Frankie Cocozza
He's a cheeky chappie! He's a ladies man!! He went on holiday, fucked six girls and got their names tattooed on his arse meaning that it's hard to believe he's not either a virgin fantasist or an STD-riddled bor­der­line miso­gyn­ist wanker!!! If you have the stomach for it check out Cocozza's Twitter feed, a grimly fas­cin­at­ing new spin on the Ludovico technique whose graphic imagery ("Would do anything to col­lab­or­ate with the boy @edsheeran #dream", "One word for matt cardle.. INCREDIBLE. That is excactly where I wanna be") is so relent­lessly awful that it could tem­por­ar­ily cure Broken Britain in a heartbeat.