Go on.

Have a guess.

Is it this one, which 'topped the charts' way back in 2015?

No it is not.

Is it this one, which is the band's next chart-mauling megasmash TBC?

No. It is not that one either.

Well, is it this one, which was the first sign that Years & Years might be worth more than a few random SoundCloud plays here and there?

It is not that one.


No it's obviously not that one.

Well in answer to your (our) (we've lost track of whose internal monologue we're dealing with here) question, the actual best Years & Years song — and please be aware that this is a certified pop fact so credible that it's almost legal tender — is…

This one.

It is on the album, obviously. And its existence means we need to update 'The List'.

The Best Songs Called 'Gold'

1. This one

2. This one

3. This one

4. This one

5. This one

156,873,101. This one