THE DAY HAS COME. Hasn't it? Has it? Who knows. THE DAY MIGHT HAVE COME.

In anti­cip­a­tion of Rihanna's first studio album in twelve centuries, why not print off these Popjustice score­sheets and grade various aspects of the album while you're listening? This is almost certainly the first-listen exper­i­ence Rihanna herself would have been hoping for while she was making the album.

IT REALLY COULDN'T BE EASIER (unless you don't have a printer).


1. Click below to download a score­sheet.

2. Print it lots of times. We'd reckon 16 sheets will do the job but maybe do a few more for use in the event of special Samsung-only / Tidal-only / sock­wear­ers-only bonus tracks.

3. While you're listening to the album — if any of us are indeed still alive when the album appears — fill in one sheet per song.

4. You can tweet photos at us while you're doing it, if you like, but don't feel any pressure. We're @popjustice on Twitter.