In this week's new releases, or at least the ones that have popped up on Spotify AND LET'S JUST PREFACE THIS BY SAYING THIS WEEK'S NEW MUSIC FRIDAY IS PRETTY UNDERWHELMING:

  • The first song from the new Ghostbusters soundtrack is upon us and it's by Elle King. It's more 'Ex's & Oh's' than 'Under The Influence' and it's quite good.
  • Sam Feldt's remixed Birdy. The bibbidy-bop instru­mental bit is the complete epitome of will-this-do, but the overall effect is rather splendid.
  • Avec Sans finally release their album today. We've selected 'We Are' for the playlist, but you can/should hear the whole thing here.
  • Little Boots has chucked out a new song she did with Richard X and, in keeping with tradition, it is nice to listen to.
  • Chris Malinchak, Lost Frequencies and Jonas Blue each release com­pletely ines­sen­tial new songs this week, none of which made our playlist because they're all com­pletely incon­sequen­tial. It's a shame ‘Milky Chance’ didn't whack something out too, we would have had a full house.
  • Betty Who is back! Her new single is a cover of 'I Love You Always Forever'. It's hard to com­pre­hend exactly what the point of this release might be but pre­sum­ably she'll do an interview with someone like Idolator in order to explain what's going on.
  • Alex Newell, The Avalanches, Alan Walker and Shawn Mendes also dis­ap­point this week.
  • Can't we just go back to last week's New Music Friday? That was a really good one.
  • The most generic song of the week is Handsome Ghost and Whole Doubts' 'Eyes Wide', which we've included at the very bottom of the playlist just so you have an idea what's going on in the 99% of Spotify you never encounter.

We didn't include 'The Kills', apols.

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