Remember, last year, our amazing '100 Reasons Not To Give Up On Pop' blowout? Remember reason number 53?

53. Boo 2 might save the world.

We based this typically under­stated claim on a five track sampler we'd been sent by the afore-mentioned Boo 2. With the exception of a 'slightly odd' version of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' we thought the tracks were great — modern, urban pop with hooks aplenty and fresh-sounding pro­duc­tion.

We didn't really make a note of the names of the two girls fronting the group — but they were London-born, Moroccan sisters called (left to right) Samiya and Emma.

Do you recognise Emma?

Or should we say… AMELLE!!!

No wonder the girl was un-Googlable. Seems our new friend isn't entirely unknown, then — and Aldershot News & Mail have a nice story on Emma's success in Top of the Pops Magazine’s Star Search 2003.

If we were Amellemma's sister we'd be on the phone right now to Siobhan and Mutya…