If so, you are in luck. The single has been played on The Hits Radio and a fan captured the moment on her phone.

The excited squealing is only fitting because the song, as we discussed last week, is very good indeed.


1. Click here

2. Listen to the song. You will need to turn your speakers right up for this, partly because you'd want to turn your speakers up anyway due to the fact that the song is a BIG POP BASTARD which needs to be exper­i­enced at full whack, but also because the quality of the recording is 'quite poor'.

3. Once you've finished listening don't forget to turn your speakers down or you will shit yourself when an email arrives.

It's out on August 26. Amazing.

EDIT: There's a high quality version on YouTube for the time being. Here it is.


(Thanks to Jon for the link.)