Sad songs are all very well for curtains-closed home listening but people do tend to expect you to leave the house from time to time, don't they?

Very incon­veni­ent.

"Put a brave face on it," they all say.

"Come out tonight! It's so-and-so's birthday! You'll have a great time."

"We're meeting for drinks in an hour then we'll go dancing."

"You should def­in­itely come, you haven't been out in ages. Where have you been?"

"Come on, you just need to get your con­fid­ence back. A night out is just what you need."

"A few mates, a couple of drinks, and some music to take your mind off everything."

Anyway eight hours later you're alone on a dance­floor, your friends have dis­ap­peared, your clothes contain traces of three different people's sick, you've lost your phone, the lights are about to come on and you're ugly­cry­ing­shout­ing­dan­cing along to this.

All in all we'd call that a pretty suc­cess­ful end to the night.