Danish duo Champagne Riot have scored their third Popjustice Song Of The Day today, with 'Moonstruck'. They band have an EP of tunes out via Matinee Recordings later this year and 'Moonstruck' is on it. (We think.)

Here is the first Song Of The Day they had, many years ago.

Here is the second Song Of The Day they had, more recently.

We love the band for their warm and cha­ris­matic, slightly maudlin pop
tuneague and are excited to hear that Moshi Moshi Records have invited them over to perform at Nordic music night Ja Ja Ja, in London, on November 18. Niki & The Dove, whose incred­ible 'DJ, Ease My Mind' we also featured recently, are also on the bill.  Splendid.

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