We've become slightly obsessed with Danyl's per­form­ance in the X Factor 'You Are Not Alone' video.

It's no secret that he mastered the art of extreme ser­i­ous­face quite early on in the live finals but the extremeness, and the ser­i­ous­ness, and the sheer faceness of what goes on in this video are just breath­tak­ing.


The "for you are" ser­i­ous­face at 3:38 is our favourite one, although there are many from which to choose.

Also: is it just us or at the 3:52 point is Jamie Archer caught sadly shaking his head as if to say "Jesus Christ, I knew when I went to the audition that I was shipping my values and integrity off to a far-flung land called Grinandbearit but this really does take the biscuit"? You've got to feel a bit sorry for Archer — there's a certain kudos in being 'the rock guy' who turns up to a reality show and is perceived to in some way subvert the pop format by winning the whole thing, but if you go in for it and don't even make the final five you just end up looking like as much of a desperate wannabe as the pop kids you not-so-secrety despise and, worse than that, a hypocrite to boot. OH WELL!!!