Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque is quite a woman. Despite only having two proper hits to her name in a career spanning more than a decade, she's taken on an almost mythical status in some corners of the pop world.

And quite right too, because what a pair of bangers whose two hits were.

Hang on just a minute though. A pair of bangers? Pair is quite an old-fashioned word isn't it. Nothing exciting about a pair of singles.

Well how about A TRINGLE o'singles?

The news sending shock­waves through pop today is that JoJo will be releasing three singles on the same day, and that she has dubbed this whole shebang a 'tringle'. She's even mocked up an Urban Dictionary screen­shot to let you know exactly what's going on.

This all makes complete sense. The global music industry is des­cend­ing into chaos. Nobody really knows what Global Release Day means; nobody knows if songs are released when they're streaming, or when they're buyable, or when they're on YouTube. Nobody knows if they own the music that's listed in their iTunes libraries, or even if they own the music on their CDs. There is no order. Everything has gone out of the window. Could the tringle be what is needed to get things back on track?

We say YES. This is how we reckon the tringle could work.


(Obviously 3x elec­tro­bangers would be prefer­able but let's be realistic.)

Anyway, you'll be able to exper­i­ence JoJo's tringle — a thought that seems only slightly unsavoury — next Friday.

The New JoJo Stuff: What We Know

  • It's coming out on Atlantic.
  • It's deffo not coming out on Blackground Music.
  • Diane Warren, of 'hasn't had a smash in a while, still gets sessions' fame, is appar­ently involved.
  • She came over to London last year to work with MNEK, which is nice. (She also enjoys bashing out MNEK songs in people's front rooms.)
  • That's it.