Here's a video clip to accompany today's Popjustice Song Of The Day, 'Limelight' by Alizée.


You may remember Alizée from being 98% brilliant circa 'Moi… Lolita'
about three centuries ago…


…then about 100% brilliant around the release of
'Mes Courants Électriques' a couple of years later.


You may also
remember Alizée from being mar­gin­ally less brilliant in the inter­ven­ing
years but she is back back back this year with a new album called 'Une Enfant du Siècle' and 'Limelight', produced by Chateau Marmont, is a taster track
that's floating around 'the internet'.

This is the full track.

Quite good.

Alizée's MySpace is at if you are inter­ested.