This is a sponsored post to tell you that if you live in America and enjoy the popular Now That's What I Call Music! com­pil­a­tion series you're in luck because the new one, 'Now 53', is out today in the States, features 'Uptown Funk' and numerous other tunes, and can be purchased by clicking right here.

Now that's out of the way we can get to the meat and veg of this post which is something we intended to write last year but forgot about for reasons we also now forget.

Basically, the US Now! com­pil­a­tions do something really brilliant that we think the UK ones should start doing too.

It's simple really — at the end of each com­pil­a­tion, after the songs that have already been hits, they chuck a load of songs by new artists. The songs fall under the 'NOW What's Next' banner.

Here are the songs on the current (out today, see above etc) one.


You'll notice that one of those songs is the literally splendid Zara Larsson tune 'Uncover'.

What a tune.

Imagine if the UK Now! com­pil­a­tions did the same?

To under­stand the enormity of this you have to remember that while you don't really think about them that much, Now! com­pil­a­tions sell a shedload of copies. How amazing would it be for a new artist to barge their way into a Now! track­list­ing and, as a result, the iTunes libraries of over a million people? Say Lou Lou — there's a band that would benefit from that. This sort of thing would be perfect for Say Lou Lou.

Anyway, that's just an idea.