2014azThis is one of the 2014 A-Z entries we were most looking forward to writing.

We were going to have a bit of a chat about the trend for big songs not having proper choruses.

Unfortunately The Guardian published pretty much the same article earlier today, so you might as well just read that and imagine what could have been.

Then, and we hinted at this in our Top 45 Singles Of 2014 rundown, listen to Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' and imagine what could also have been.

Imagine if that epic bridge, instead of col­lapsing into "there's no going back" noth­ing­ness, had exploded into something even bigger. "It did alright anyway," you might think. Well yes, but consider the 735,887,935 YouTube plays this song has already received, then consider how many more it would have received if it had been done properly.

We're furious about this. (The Guardian thing spe­cific­ally but the 'Dark Horse' shambles too.)