30. The Weeknd — Can’t Feel My Face

[badge color="#fff" bgcolor="#48cfee" value="GAMECHANGER AHOY"] Do you know who else couldn't feel his face? Michael Jackson. Well he couldn't with one hand, anyway, because there was a glove on it. Think on.

29. KDA feat Katy B & Tinie Tempah — Turn the Music Louder

Do you think, if we ask nicely, Katy and Tinie could release a song together every year? Ideally it would work a bit like the Pitbull and J.Lo scenario overseas: one song each summer, POSSIBLE 'Lambada' samples, the full works. Or how about this: a nice little EP together. Look we're willing to be flexible on the rules of this. Tell you what let's all get together and brain­storm some ideas. We'll bring the flipchart, you lot bring the pens. Can someone book a meeting room for January 8? CHEERS!

28. The Thrill — Nero

'No offence right' but as with most Nero songs this is better if you close your eyes and imagine a world where a former member of The Saturdays went down this route.


27. Watermät feat Becky Hill & TAI — All My Love

There have been some truly terrible 'email a track out to some topline writers and hope for the best' moments during 2015 but Becky Hill's work on this Watermät tune really does the job: romance, drama and a massive chorus. Naturally it wasn't a hit, because people are wrong.

26. Jess Glynne — Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Managing to be a self-help anthem without being trite and generally shit, 'Don't Be So Hard On Yourself' was just one of the straight run of 48 UK Number Ones Jess Glynne enjoyed in 2015, until she released a boring ballad at the end of the year and ruined everything. There's a lesson to be learned here.

25. Susanne Sundfør — Delirious

Susanne's whole album is something rather special. Well done Susanne, you made a good album.

24. Grace Mitchell — Jitter

[badge color="#fff" bgcolor="#48cfee" value="IT'S GOT SOME FRENCH IN IT"] People really fetishise ori­gin­al­ity don't they? "Woo this is so good because it's so original," etc etc. To be honest if we like a song we'd be happy with another eight or ten that sound nearly the same (or as some people would term it 'the Justin Bieber album'). This said, the first time we heard 'Jitter' it sounded like nothing else on the pop landscape, and all these listens later its twists and turns are still sur­pris­ing and exciting. For a song with this much going on in it, 'Jitter' also remains sur­pris­ingly unself­con­scious.

23. Foxes — Body Talk

"I can't even speak, no — la la la la la la la la." What a lyric.

22. Fleur East — Sax

[badge color="#fff" bgcolor="#48cfee" value="HOLD TIGHT, LEAN BACK"] A song that's as brilliant as it is abso­lutely ridicu­lous, 'Sax' has made the last few years of The X Factor worth all the hassle. Also, and let this be the end of this matter, there are sax­o­phones in this song. We asked Fleur's A&R.

21. Carly Rae Jepsen — I Really Like You

You know those people who go "really really really really really really isn't a good lyric, it's just lazy"? You probably saw those people on Twitter. Well, those people are wankers.


20. Troye Sivan — WILD

At the end of last year, while drunk, we chose Troye as our Pop Entity Of 2014 and for a few months of 2015 we wondered if we'd made the right choice. Turns out we had. Well done us. Well done Troye a little bit, but mainly well done us.

19. Rihanna — American Oxygen

Rihanna has been so infuri­at­ing this year that we briefly toyed with dis­qual­i­fy­ing her from this chart but let's not forget that the annual Popjustice Singles Of The Year countdown should be treated as an important his­tor­ical record of amaz­ing­ness and as such should not be affected by FURY AND SADNESS, so here's 'American Oxygen'. If we accept, as we probably should, that the days of 'We Found Love'-style Rihanna mega­bangers are behind us, and if we also accept that that's fine because Rihanna should be able to move forward with her career without someone hollering "WHERE'S THE EURODANCE" across Twitter every five minutes, a track like 'American Oxygen' is probably the best possible outcome.

18. Little Mix — Black Magic

[badge color="#fff" bgcolor="#48cfee" value="HEY!"] That rarest, most fragile flower: a proper actual pop banger by a proper actual pop band. The song and video probably sealed Little Mix's fate as a mainly UK-focused act, but it worked out alright for Girls Aloud and if that means we get to see more of them that's all good.

17. Elliphant — Love Me Badder

[badge color="#fff" bgcolor="#48cfee" value="SHE MEANS WORSE"] One of various songs from 2015 that it would be nice to have heard Rihanna singing. Or Little Mix. Imagine Little Mix doing this! Jesus wept.

16. Galantis — Peanut Butter Jelly

This one sounded par­tic­u­larly good on the radio.