March 2014 was a month in which various things happened in ‘the world at large’. But how did these things impact singing lady Ella Henderson? Let’s find out shall we.

In March, Ella Henderson announced 'Ghost' as her debut single.

But have you, Ella Henderson, ever seen the movie Ghost?
Yes, I have.

Also in March an entry on the documentary film Fuck caused offence after the Wikipedia website featured it prominently on its home page.

What was the first swear word that you used and did it cause offence?
I don't know if it's classed as a swear word, espe­cially nowadays, but I can remember the first time I said "Bloody hell" to my mum and I got sent to my room. She'd never heard me pop out and say it when I was younger, and I just used it in a normal sentence before dinner as well. It wasn't really necessary but I just threw it in there because I thought it was cool.

An 1,800-year-old Egyptian papyrus discovered a century ago, whose inscription is nearly illegible to the naked eye, was made more readable using infrared sensors, revealing the message to be a soldier's letter to his family.

Say in 1,800 years they dis­covered something you had made what would you like them to find and who would it be for?
Ooh. I'd like them to find a little note or a message in the same way. It'd probably be for my family that's, you know, passed down in the gen­er­a­tions. I would want them to know who I was and to just remind them that if it weren't for me they wouldn't be alive. (Laughs)

So like an auto­bi­o­graphy but in a note?
Just in a note for my great, great, great, great grand­chil­dren.

At the Academy Awards, Ellen Degeneres took a selfie that was liked by millions of people.

Do you think we’ve become too obsessed with ourselves?
(Laughs) You do see people taking photos of them­selves nowadays and then they have to delete it straight­away, and then they go again and delete and go again. It depends, no one likes a bad photo of them­selves. And you won't go uploading it on to Instagram or Twitter until it's the perfect one that you like. I don't know, I've learnt to try and not care that much anymore, espe­cially about selfies. I don't really know the answer to that.

Who would you have in your dream selfie?
I'd have me, Adele, Beyoncé, Peter Kay, he makes me laugh, and probably Jamie Oliver so he could cook us something.

Also in March, a total of 10 Gentoo penguins took up residence in an aquarium in Hull. In the £750,000 exhibit visitors were given views of the penguins across three floors and it featured a swimming pool, diving pool, beach area and nesting area.

Penguins are obviously important to Hull, but do you think £750,000 is too much money to spend on a penguin sanctuary?
No, I think they deserve that. We don't want animals becoming endangered or anything like that, do we. So looking after penguins is good.

47-year-old Amanda Rodgers appeared on This Morning to say that she had married her dog, Sheba.

If you were to marry an animal what type would you marry and why?
It's just wrong. I'm not going to marry an animal. Isn't it illegal?

She did it overseas.
I was going to say, appar­ently it's legal to marry your dog in India.

But say marriage to animals was legal and it wasn't taboo and you wanted to spend the rest of your life with one, what animal would you pick Ella?
But you wouldn't be able to have a con­ver­sa­tion, ever.

But what animal would you pick?
I'd probably marry a dolphin because they could take me swimming. I could hang onto its fin and just glide through the water.

Dolphins can sort of com­mu­nic­ate, too.
Sort of. I could sing my high notes and they could reply.

Pharrell was Number one with his album ‘G I R L’.

Would you ever consider adopting a signature hat like the noted feminist?
I don't know it hats suit me. I've tried different types of hats. I like the big hats; I don't know what you call the one that I like. I like a good summer hat as well, a big straw one for the beach, but I probably wouldn't adopt one and wear it con­stantly. I'd probably wear it, take it off again and bring it out another year.

March also saw Cheryl Cole announce her return to The X Factor.

Do you think they should have brought back Tulisa?
Ooh. I love how the show changes it up every year. I don't think it matters that much. It's got to change every year to have something fresh to it to make the viewers want to watch it again. If it was the same every year then people would start to get bored. I think it's great how it is now.

A Girl Scout in Oklahoma City sold 18,107 boxes of cookies, breaking the previous record of 18,000.

What is your favourite type of biscuit for dunking in a cup of tea?
Plain digestive or a malted milk.

Malted Milk? That's quite a weak biscuit for a cup of tea, isn't it?
No, I love it. You don't even have to do a five second dunk, it's just plop and it melts in your mouth.

What do you do when a bit of the biscuit breaks off into the cup of tea?
I imme­di­ately get a tea spoon and try and get it out. If it doesn't look too bad then I will go to eat it. Most of the time I have to get it out and put it on my side plate. I hate it when it becomes a floater in your tea and you've got biscuit all around the rim.

When it goes like a biscuit smoothie.
Yeah, it's not nice.

And finally, popular but unfunny sitcom How I Met Your Mother aired its final episode in March.

Have you ever taken someone home to meet your mother and how did it go?
Hmmm… No, I've never taken anyone home to meet my mum. I've never exper­i­enced that. I wouldn't be worried to take anyone home because, as long as the person treated me right, she'd accept it.

Thank you Ella Henderson for that fas­cin­at­ing insight into your thoughts on the month of March 2014. We hope you had a sat­is­fact­ory year and wish you all the very best for 2015.