News > June 3, 2013 would like to return for series 3 of shit talent show The Voice, but he’s not that bothered is on board for another year of underwhelming televisual entertainment, if shit talent show The Voice want him.

In an interview with The Sun, said he’d be “up for coming back”.

“I have thought about next year,” he explained. “If you are having a good time doing something I don’t see why you’d want to stop. I’d be up for coming back. I like hanging out with Jessie and Dan and Tom’s company.”

“But I would be cool if they replaced me,” he continued. “I don’t stress out. If they want to hit the refresh button I would just think I’d had a good time the two years I was on it.”

Last week the BBC confirmed the 2014 return of the show. Yesterday’s episode hit a new ratings low, with just 5.67m people tuning in to see whatever was happening.