News > January 8, 2013

Tyler James recently forgot how to open a door

tyler jamesTyler James got so into character shooting his new video for ‘Worry About You’ that he had to remind himself not to kick his own door in (NOT A EUPHEMISM) when he got home.

“I got to play a bit of a hero [in the video]; there were lots of parts where I got to kick down doors and stuff like that,” mused the ‘Worry About You’ hitmaker to – who else! – the Daily Star Playlist.

“When I got back to my flat that night I realised that I had to just open the door normally instead.”

It’s a good job he wasn’t setting fire to things or drowning himself in the bath or something in the video, right readers?

‘Worry About You’ is released on February 11 and the video is right here.