News > September 4, 2013

TLC are hopeful Lady Gaga will appear on ‘Posh Life’

tlc_320TLC have been chatting away about the song Lady Gaga’s written for them and basically there’s a slim chance she could appear on it.

Talking to MTV, they explained that ‘Posh Life’ – which Gaga wrote with Dallas Austin – was initially meant for the ‘Marry The Night’ hitmaker, but she soon realised it basically sounded too much like a TLC song.

“She was like, ‘I don’t want to disrespect the girls,’ so we were like, ‘Let’s sing it and see how it goes. I mean, you wrote it,'” T-Boz said. “It was so funny [hearing] her [sing] like us, so hilarious.”

Which sort of then begged the question why they didn’t just get her to duet with them on it.

“She wants to,” T-Boz continued. “You know them record company people. If it was up to the artist, all three of us are down. So we’ll see what happens.”

Come on ‘record company people’!