News > July 22, 2013

The Wanted’s new album is called ‘Word Of Mouth’ and will be out in September

The WantedBanter botherers The Wanted have announced some things about their new album like the fact that it’s called ‘Word Of Mouth’ and that it’s out on September 16.

There will also be a new single called ‘We Own The Night’, which is out on August 11. Apparently that single will get its proper ‘premiere’ on August 5 at 5pm in the UK and at various different times around the world.

Asked by the label to say something about the album for a press release, Tom said the following:

“It’s taken us two years to make this album and now that it’s finally finished we are all really proud of the time and effort, not just that we put in to it but all the writers and the label too. We think it’s our strongest album to date [THEY ALL SAY THAT DON’T THEY]. We can’t wait for our fans to hear it. They’ve been really patient but hopefully they’ll think it’s worth the wait!”

So there we have it.