News > April 17, 2012

The Actor Justin Timberlake is now an interior designer

In not-really-what-anyone-wants-to-hear news The Actor Justin Timberlake has added interior design to his CV.

Talking to Elle Décor (as quoted by MTV) about his forthcoming range of scatter cushions, lamps and corner tables (probably) for the HomeMint brand, Timberlake said: “If we wouldn’t put it in our homes, we’re not going to ask people to put it in theirs. You don’t have to spend your whole bank account to make your home look amazing but also be comfortable and reliable.”

If you’re thinking ‘yes, but this is just a phase, he’ll be back to singing songs soon’ then think again. Justin loves this shit.

“I’ll sit and I’ll look at hardware for hours. Literally, for hours, I’ll sit and compare hardware. The devil’s in the details. I mean, it’s your home, it has to be your own,” he added.