News > December 31, 2012

Sky Ferreira and Charli XCX have responded to claims they’re major label puppets etc etc

skyeverythingSky Ferreira and Charli XCX have ‘taken to’ Facebook and Tumblr respectively to defend their ‘artistry’ against accusations of being ‘pop puppets’ and such like.

Basically, a young man who goes by the name Elite Gymnastics said some things on a blog post about Sky and Charli XCX not really being the future of “DIY” pop given that they’re both signed to a major label and work with producers. He also said Charli’s music was “a mangled, grotesque approximation” of Grimes’, which is a bit harsh.

Charli XCX then responded to it all here in quite a well-argued post which boils down to ‘oh fuck off’.

Sky then responded on Facebook, adding: “Collaborating with people is MY choice! Throwing bags of money at people didn’t get me to where I am & I didn’t record songs BY people. I made songs WITH people. There is a difference.”

So there you go.