News > November 21, 2012

Rowetta was trollied when she entered The X Factor

Honking ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ hitmaker Rowetta was drunk when she entered The X Factor all those years back.


The ‘River Deep – Mountain High’ interpreter let this one slip to your friends and ours Gigwise, admitting: “I didn’t know what I was doing, I liked Simon when I saw him on American Idol so I thought it would be funny to enter.”

“To be honest I was a bit drunk when I entered. I didn’t even tell anyone I just did it, don’t know why I did it.”


“I think they made me out to be this mad woman, so I think I did really well to get so many votes because normally it’s all the kind of young pop artist that everyone fancies who do well.”

To be honest if she’d told people she was pissed when she entered it probably would have increased her chances of winning, but there you go.