News > January 14, 2013

Rita Ora has been explaining her new sound for her second album

rita-oraRita Ora has revealed some details about her new album and how it might sound.

In an interview with, the singer explained that her second album would be “much clearer” than her debut.

“I definitely know what I want more and it’s pretty straightforward with what I’m trying to say with this second album,” Rita explained. “It’s very clear and that’s why I had to make a new album.”

“There’s still elements of pop in there, but pop from when it was pop – from like the Blondie/No Doubt days to get into my love for nineties hip-hop.”


Rita also spoke about her success in this year’s Brit Awards nominations. “I was [feeling confident] until I saw the nominations, and then I got a bit worried. But I don’t really mind, I’m just really happy that I was even acknowledged for the music.”