News > August 23, 2012

Rebecca Ferguson has got a new single and is churning out a ‘Special Edition’ of her album

Rebecca Ferguson is going to release ‘Backtrack’ as a single on October 14. Previously the song was tacked onto a ‘US Edition’ of ‘Heaven’, and the ‘songbird’ is releasing a ‘repackage’ of her debut album on October 15 to coincide with the single’s UK release.

‘Heaven: Deluxe Edition’ is touted as featuring five new tracks, but actually only two of them are new: a ditty entitled ‘I’ll Count The Days’, which will be featured in Downton Abbey, and  ‘Good Days, Bad Days’, which sounds like it might very well be about Zayn Malik’s on/off relationship with Twitter.

She’s also chucking on her covers of Drake’s ‘Take Care’, Aqualung’s ‘Strange and Beautiful’ because let’s face it you might as well.

The ‘Backtrack’ single artwork shamelessly rips off the Parasol Moment in the video for 2NE1’s ‘I Love You’ which someone is probably writing a ‘trend piece’ about as we speak.

Well done Rebecca Ferguson.