Lana Del Rey always knew she’d have her “own world”

Authentic Chanteuse Lana Del Rey has tried to explain why she changed her name.

“It’s just a different name,” she told the New Zealand Herald News succinctly, before going on an almighty waffle.

“But you know I got to know myself so well so many years ago when I got sober and I did kind of start learning about the right way to live and the things that made me happy – which was to create and other things,” she continued.

“And so I’ve always been the same person that I am now and never did things that regularly. I always knew I’d have my own name, I knew I’d have my own world.”

Asked for her thoughts on her ‘sudden’ success, she offered: “I don’t really feel that deep desire for things to expand or for things to change. I got what I wanted when I found myself through writing and I’ve been happy ever since.”


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