News > November 27, 2012

Ellie Goulding doesn’t want to do an arena tour because arenas are “rubbish”

Look, Ellie Goulding doesn’t want to play an arena tour okay.

Having a chat about all this to the BBC, the Segway novice asked: “Is it weird that I don’t like the idea of an arena tour?”

Well, it would be good to allow as many people as possible to see your ‘gigs’, but it’s up to you really Ellie.

“If I can just get away with doing lots of smaller venues… Like Brixton Academy is my dream. I’ve always wanted to play Brixton Academy and now I am and it’s mental. But I don’t think I want to do arenas to be honest.”

Hammering home the point, she then added: “I’ve played arenas supporting other artists but it’s not really for me to be honest. They’re just a bit boring and a bit rubbish. Sorry arena people.”